【Business Overview】
    Zhongbo Communications owns testing qualifications accredited by both CNAS and Jiangsu Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision. We have a telecom product test platform whicn is the only one in Jiangsu authorized by the government. Our testing covers 7 categories and 58 kinds of product:
    Telecom cables, Cable junction and wiring products, Commnication line accessories, Power supply products, FTTX products, Distribution system, Postal products etc.

    We have authoritative testing qualifications and our test results are legally binding.
    We have strong testing capabilities and cover a wide range of products. We own advanced and complete test hardware (with more than 30 million yuan testing equipments), a team of experienced professionals, and a mature service system.
    Over the years, we have been conducting product tests for Jiangsu Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, Jiangsu Industry and Commerce Administration, Jiangsu Communication Administration, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, radio film and television agencies, communications organizations, and telecom manufacturers and we also handle quality complaints from ordinary consumers. Our work has received good opinions from customers.